That Sings™

A presentation and performance

Writer by day, singer by night, Karen Gross has come to realize the surprising and enlightening parallels between these two worlds. Both words and songs have the power to inspire, inform, and influence us. And writing, speaking, and singing often share the same goals: Be candid. Be clear. Be compelling

In Karen’s unique, interactive, and engaging presentation-meets-performance Communication That Sings™, you’ll learn how to more effectively express your messages, connect with audiences, and make a memorable impact. Through both words and live music, Karen shares secrets and best practices of communication that can be implemented across many industries, organizations, and businesses. She can also customize the presentation to address specific challenges and questions.

Karen collaborates with some of the nation’s most influential, pioneering leaders and organizations, crafting communications that resonate and get results. She has written keynote speeches, major reports, op-eds, strategic documents, video and radio scripts, e-newsletters, and web copy; she has also helped distinguished clients discover and develop their core descriptive language, including taglines, mission statements, and origin stories. Karen has worked with the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Constitution Center, and Emmy-winning design agency Bluecadet, among other clients. Before starting her own communications company in 2013, she spent over a decade as a communications manager, magazine editor-in-chief, reporter, and publicist.

As a cabaret singer, Karen has performed at Lincoln Center, in Frank Sinatra’s former penthouse as part of the HGTV show “Selling New York,” and at distinguished venues in New York City and her hometown of Philadelphia. She has performed and written professionally since graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University.

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