Karen's story:

For nearly two decades, I have lived a double life: writer by day, singer by night. 

I’ve gradually realized that my two worlds are not worlds apart (though the outfits I wear might be). Both words and songs have the power to inspire, inform, connect, and comfort us. And, to me, powerful writing and singing share the same goals: Be candid. Be clear. Be compelling

That’s why I am passionate about Communication that sings.™

In 2013, I launched Karen Gross Enterprises, LLC, to connect—and help others connect—with audiences through words, songs, and speeches. I collaborate with some of the nation’s most influential, pioneering leaders and organizations, crafting messages that resonate and get results. 

Before starting my own company, I spent over a decade as a communications manager, magazine and newspaper editor, reporter, and publicist. Simultaneously, I was performing and studying voice, cabaret, and comedy in New York City and Philadelphia. I’ve been singing since I can remember and performing professionally since graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University.

If you would like more detail about what I write and where I’ve performed, please check out the writing and music sections of this site. 

Karen was a featured speaker at the World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association, held at Georgetown University. Her session, entitled "How to Make Your Speeches Sing," shared the enlightening parallels between speechwriting and cabaret—informed by Karen's experience in both worlds.